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Chicagoland roll-off dumpster rental for your landscaping project

The amount of refuse generated in a landscaping project can be astounding. At A City Suburban Dumpsters, we’ve got the solution for getting rid of it all so your landscaping project can go smoother and faster. Regardless of the type of landscaping you’re doing, we’ve got a roll-off dumpster rental that can handle it.

For following are some of the most common our dumpsters have been used for:

Common landscaping debris removal usage
  • Resodding
  • Seasonal cleanups
  • Dirt removal
  • Tree, brush, shrub removal
  • Environmental cleanups
  • Small, medium and large whole yard landscaping
  • Routine yard and garden maintenance
Residential dumpster rental services for yard waste disposal

Rather than purchasing dozens of yard waste bags from your local big box store and having those bags strewn about your residential property, seek out residential dumpster rental services from A City Suburban Dumpsters for your yard waste disposal needs.

As you progress in your landscaping project, rather than taking precious time to stuff bags full of waste, some of which has to be downsized to fit, utilize the dumpster as a collection tool for all your waste and debris. It’s a safer, faster and more efficient way of getting rid of the clutter. Once you’re done with cleanup, we’ll haul it off for you.

Choose the right dumpster size for your yard debris removal

Rent the right sized roll-off dumpster for your yard debris removal and avoid inconveniences, like paying for more than you need or renting too small and risk having it fill up too fast.

Every residential landscaping job has its own unique details, so if you have questions about which unit will best suit your needs, contact us and we’ll help you out.

What common landscape debris can you put in a dumpster?

Whether you’re moving earth, sod, trees or brush, the amount of waste from a landscaping project deserves a cleanup strategy. At A City Suburban Dumpsters, we’ve helped many Chicago residents with their landscape debris removal. The following are some of the most common items our customers have put in our dumpsters:

  • Branches from trees and plants
  • Tree stumps
  • Shrubbery
  • Old logs and rotted firewood
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Grass clippings
  • Brush
  • Dirt

Perhaps you have fencing and maybe an old garden shed that you need to get rid of? Whatever materials you need removed that can be placed in a landfill can go into our dumpsters.

How much does residential dumpster rental cost

Renting a residential dumpster comes at an expense, but it also adds value to your project. The cost of your dumpster rental depends on its size and how long you have it.
The following prices are for the standard 5-day rental, drop off and pickup:

As you can see, we’re competitively priced, but we offer premium services, such as same-day services. If you have questions about extended use rentals, contact us and we can give you an accurate cost estimate.

Rent a dumpster online for large landscape waste removal in the Chicago area

Planning a landscaping project can be complex, but at A City Suburban Dumpsters, we make renting a roll-off unit easy. Our 24/7 secure online renting platform gives you everything you need to get your dumpster to your landscaping job site on the day and at the time you need it.

Furthermore, our online services assist you in finding the right sized dumpster, guide you in understanding what can be put in it, the price and other rental terms. Go to our online rental page today and get the process started.

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