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Commercial Dumpster Rental in the Chicago Area

Looking for a way to get rid of your trash and debris? A City Suburban Service Inc. is the place to go to arrange your commercial dumpster rental services. From small retail shops to large contracting companies – clients of all types and sizes have many reasons to take advantage of the professional commercial waste disposal services we offer. The dumpsters come in sizes most often used by commercial entities throughout the Chicago area, so when you need to get rid of your waste, we’ll have a unit suitable for your needs.

Dumpster for Commercial Use

No matter what type of industry you’re in, commercial dumpster rental services in Chicago are a breeze with A City Suburban Service. From getting the unit you need to scheduling its delivery and pickup – we make everything easy for our customers. If you have questions, we’re here to help.

Why rent a commercial dumpster with us?

  • Low rates: Our affordable, flat-rate pricing and no-nonsense billing make it simple to budget for waste removal so you can focus on your business.
  • Variety of sizes: We maintain a large selection of our dependable, commercial dumpsters in a variety of sizes, which we can promptly deliver to your business or site.
  • Flexible/customizable pickups: Decide on the pickup frequency – either weekly, every two weeks or monthly – whatever is right for your business.
  • Responsive service: Give us a call and you’ll speak to a real person within seconds.
  • Dependable service: We arrive on time, answer the phone fast and work with you to create the right service for your business.
  • Quick startup: We’ll process your order within minutes and have your commercial dumpster delivered when you need it.
  • Predictable payments: With our flat monthly fees, your rates will always stay the same.
  • No contract: No obligation and the best option for your business.

From temporary services related to one-off projects to permanent services for your garbage/waste disposal needs, A City Suburban Service is dedicated to assisting our clients on their terms. We’ll work with you to determine exactly what your services should entail, and we’ll remain flexible so all of your unique needs are met.

Commercial roll-off dumpster rental services for any business needs in Chicago

Commercial roll-off dumpster rental services have been our specialty for years, so we know exactly how to serve our clients, which means we offer cost-effective units for temporary and permanent usage. Whether it is a large or small commercial dumpster, our clients count on us to deliver consistent, quality services, which is how we’ve built a reputation as the go-to commercial waste disposal company in the Chicago area.

A city Suburban company dumpsters and trucks

What is readily apparent is that organizations throughout Chicago have different needs, and in order to maintain a reputation as a customer-centric commercial dumpster service company, being flexible enough to meet those varying needs is of vital importance. A City Suburban Service never disappoints in this regard.

Our goal is to be prompt in meeting customer demands, whether it’s dropping off, picking up or simply fielding customer inquiries – we offer impeccable customer services with either our full-service website or via telephone where you can speak directly to one of our account managers. If you’ve got questions about getting the best possible small business dumpster services or questions about which commercial dumpster will best suit your needs, you know you can count on A City Suburban Service.

They provide the required permits (a big plus if you aren't local)

This company goes above and beyond! They are knowledgable about the regulations and permit requirements of their coverage area and provide the required permits (a big plus if you aren't local). They have a variety of sizes and are prompt when it comes to pick up and delivery! Great to work with!!

Rene Chamness
Rene Chamness

Rent a permanent dumpster for commercial waste disposal

For businesses with long-term needs, we’ve got the right commercial waste disposal solution. No matter the commercial industry, we can supply you with a dumpster to assist you with managing all of your waste. This is not a one-size-fits-all scenario – dumpster services need to be customized and that’s what we bring to the Chicago area.

  • Dumpsters for small businesses

    From restaurants to bars, printing companies to auto repair shops, as a quality dumpster rental company, we are capable of serving all types of businesses in a variety of industries. When you’re looking for a hassle-free approach to waste management that includes consistent and reasonable flat fees, partner with the roll-off dumpster company that also won’t tie you to a long-term contract. From one to three years, A City Suburban Service’s contracts are flexible and include pickup schedules that speak to customer preferences.

  • Dumpsters for offices

    Commercial offices require flexibility in their waste solutions. At A City Suburban Service, we provide that flexibility in the type of dumpsters we offer and also in the days we pick up and replace our clients’ dumpsters. We offer all of this hassle free: Our billing services are easy to understand, leaving no room for confusion and no surprise fees – you know exactly what you’re paying for up front.

    Pickup frequency ranges from weekly to bi-weekly and monthly. We want to ensure that your dumpster is never overfilled or picked up too often, so we work with our clients to determine the appropriate pickup schedule. Furthermore, you can put anything in our dumpsters that is allowed in the landfill, which includes the usual office refuse, such as paper, packaging, food scraps and even office furniture. If you have questions about what can and cannot be placed in a dumpster, we have the answers for you.

    The five dumpster sizes we offer at A City Suburban Service will fit any commercial office need, but to be sure you’re getting the right size for your facility, check out our online sizing guide or simply contact us and we’ll walk you through the selection process.

  • Dumpsters for apartment buildings

    More than half of Chicagoans rent their living spaces, which means waste management solutions like roll-off dumpsters are a big priority. Apartment complexes come in all sizes, which means their dumpster needs will vary, too. Also, the pickup schedule differs from one facility to the next, but at A City Suburban Service, we can meet the needs of apartment buildings of all sizes, from getting them the right unit to meeting their pickup needs.

    We’ve even established account managers for apartment building clients so we can stay on top of the varying needs of apartment managers who are tasked with handling a heavy workload, including waste management duties. If you need a no-frills, easy-to-manage dumpster service for your apartment complex, you’re in the right place. Let us help you stay on top of your waste management duties by simply contacting us and scheduling the drop-off and pickup of the right-sized dumpsters for your needs.

  • Dumpsters for manufacturing and industrial businesses

    There is no better way to manage your waste disposal than to use a roll-off dumpster. From the usual trash to more specific manufacturing and industrial waste, a dumpster can handle big loads of refuse that would otherwise present problems for these businesses. From warehouses to factories, there is no limit to the type of manufacturing and industrial companies we serve at A City Suburban Service.

  • Dumpsters for retail and grocery stores

    Retail waste can quickly add up, especially at grocery stores where expired products and packaging material can add to the waste pile really quickly. Managing your waste stream gets a lot easier when you have the right-size dumpster at your disposal. From a 6-yard container for small businesses to 30-yard containers for businesses that generate the most waste, A City Suburban has you covered.

    Our clients range from small, mom-and-pop shops requiring infrequent services to big box stores with extensive needs. Regardless of the size of the retail business, we’ve got dumpsters that will keep your trash output manageable.

  • Dumpsters for logistics/distribution centers and truck stops

    The daily operations at logistics and distribution centers, as well as truck stops and other types of filling stations and convenience stores, become far more manageable when trash services run like clockwork. These are commercial entities that provide a wide range of customer services, so getting the best possible customer service in return is expected. That’s what we offer at A City Suburban Service.

    From small gas stations to truck stops, large to small logistics and distribution centers, and storage buildings to factories – we provide dumpster services that make life much easier for all of them.

Even businesses in the same industry have different disposal needs, so each situation deserves a custom approach. When you work with us, you get individualized services that bring you the solutions that fit perfectly to your requirements. Looking for a convenient and reliable dumpster rental service? Get a quote now and discover affordable options for all your waste disposal needs!

Rent the right size commercial dumpster for your business

The best business dumpster rental outcomes are those where the right size dumpsters are provided. What might be a perfect fit for one company might be too large or too small for another. That’s why partnering with a reputable, customer-centric dumpster provider is vital. At A City Suburban Service, our dumpster sizes range from the small, 6-cubic yard dumpsters all the way up to the largest, 30-cubic yard dumpsters.

Need help finding the right size dumpster for your business? Check out the dimensions and descriptions of our dumpsters here for a quick example.

dumpster sizes

Our commercial roll-off dumpster sizes and dimensions:

6 cubic yards

Small, yet capable of handling the needs of clients with minimal waste generation, these units are perfect for businesses of all types. Despite their small footprint of 12x6 feet, these units can handle up to 4,000 pounds of trash.

10 cubic yards

Capable of loads of up to 5,000 pounds, the 10-yard units also maintain a small footprint, yet provide the right space for waste for small- to medium-sized businesses that generate a moderate amount of garbage

15 cubic yards

Stepping up to the mid-sized dumpsters, the 15-cubic yard units will hold a maximum of 6,000 pounds, which fits nicely in this 16x8-foot unit.

20 cubic yards

When the daily flow of trash becomes too much for a smaller unit to handle, the 20-cubic yard dumpsters are a perfect fit. Manufacturers and larger industrial clients are the most typical users of this unit.

30 cubic yards

When nothing but the largest commercial dumpster will suffice, our super users implement the 30-yard dumpster. This unit will hold up to 10,000 pounds of waste, which is perfect for a company that wants monthly removal services, or needs more frequent pickups for their above-average waste generation.

It is not uncommon for clients to request clarification on dumpster sizes in regard to their fit with specific unique needs. Whether it’s getting help with the frequency of pickups or getting the right size of unit, A City is here to assist. Contact us at (773) 295-0303 if you’ve got questions.

What you can and can't put in your commercial roll-off dumpster?

A commercial dumpster is a perfect solution for better management of your trash, and while most of your commercial waste disposal needs will be met with a roll-off dumpster, there are some items that are not allowed in dumpsters.

30 yard dumpster

Anything that cannot be safely disposed of in a dumpster and/or present a hazard in landfills, which is where just about every dumpster full of trash will end up, is not allowed in our dumpsters. Also, some items are not allowed because they are too large/bulky and require a different type of disposal service than what you get with a dumpster.

The questions most commercial roll-off dumpster companies field are in relation to items that can and can’t be placed in a dumpster. To get answers to your questions, contact us and we’ll assist you.

Learn more about dumpster rental rules at A City Suburban Dumpsters

Things you can put in a commercial dumpster:

  • Construction & heavy debris
  • Lumber and wooden materials
  • Wooden and upholstered furniture
  • Shingles
  • Metals
  • Glass
  • And more

Things you can’t put in a commercial dumpster:

  • Refrigerators
  • Whole tires
  • Chemical cleaners and solvents
  • Batteries
  • Hazardous materials
  • Medical infectious waste
  • Flammable materials
  • Inks and resins
  • Freon
  • Corrosive waste
  • Industrial waste
  • And more

While you might not have freon that needs to be disposed of, most commercial properties will run into various other types of items, such as batteries and ink, which need to be properly thrown away. Fortunately, A City Suburban Service is here to assist you in ensuring that all of your trash is in the right place.

How much does a commercial dumpster rental cost?

Getting the best commercial dumpster rental prices depends on which roll-off company you choose. Beware of surprise/hidden fees that some companies are known to spring on customers. That’s not something you’ll find with A City Suburban Service, as our pricing is clear and all-inclusive. But how much does a commercial dumpster cost? Check out our prices below, which include drop off and pickup services.

Commercial dumpster rental pricing at A City Suburban Service:

At A City Suburban Service, we are knowledgeable about the rates for services like ours in this region and that’s how we keep our costs competitive. And while rates might be similar to competitors, we make sure to offer the best possible customer service, which separates us from the rest.

The delivery driver was punctual

Our company was very thankful to have found this business to serve our needs. The delivery driver was punctual each time to pick up and drop off...and the skills he displayed unloading was of amazement as the area was a very confined space. The office dept was super helpful and professional as they were kind enough to work with us on weather delayed issues. We would most certainly use City Suburban in the future. Its refreshing to still see other companies, like ourselves, maintaining excellent customer service. Thanks to all!

Deanna Hughes
Deanna Hughes

Order a long-term roll-off dumpster for your business

While it is common for dumpster rentals to be used for brief periods for specific projects, many commercial facilities require a long-term solution to their waste management needs. This includes renting a dumpster that is the right size for the dimensions of the property, but also fits the amount of trash generated over a period of time. Commercial properties also count on consistent pick-up times/dates, which is something you should expect of your roll-off dumpster rental provider.

15 yard dumpster

At A City Suburban Service, our commercial clients with long-term needs know they can rely on our dumpster services, not only to ensure they get the right size dumpster, but that it is picked up and replaced with an empty unit on the days that make the most sense for them, whether it’s weekly, monthly or anything in between. Getting these particulars nailed down can be difficult, but it’s something we assist our clients with so they can immediately have their waste management needs taken care of without all the trial and error.

How to rent a commercial dumpster with us:

  1. Tell us about your waste stream
  2. We will create a tailored plan
  3. Choose from a variety of roll-off dumpster sizes
  4. Set a pickup schedule for each dumpster

After many years of serving commercial properties of all sizes, we have developed a knowledge base that informs our advice to clients who need guidance on what will fit their needs. Count on us to assist you as you establish services for your property.

Same-day commercial dumpster delivery and trash pick up at NO EXTRA CHARGE in Chicago

Do you need same-day service to get you out of a pinch? When an unplanned situation occurs and you need a roll-off dumpster quickly, count on A City Suburban Service to help you out. Do we charge extra for situations like this? No! As a customer-centric organization willing to go the extra mile, we don’t penalize clients for having unplanned commercial trash pick-up needs.

Choose a reliable dumpster rental company for your commercial waste disposal in Chicago and surrounding areas

Partnering with a reputable and qualified dumpster rental company ensures that you will have a cost-effective means of managing your waste. The ability to rely on consistent service, including scheduling trash pickup on the days that fit your needs, is something you get when you work with A City Suburban Service. We have helped commercial clients in Chicago and the surrounding area for years and we’re ready to assist you.

Our list of clients spans many industries, from retailers to construction contractors. This makes us uniquely qualified to assist commercial properties with all types of waste. Our fair pricing and flexibility regarding pickup make us a go-to provider of waste disposal needs. From same-day service and temporary dumpsters for commercial waste disposal to long-term dumpsters – our services are a custom fit for you. Whether you require our smallest dumpster (6 cubic yards) or our largest (30 cubic yards), we’re here to assist you. Contact us and let’s get your business set up with waste management services you can count on.

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How to rent a dumpster

You should be able to rent a dumpster without having to become a scholar about all things dumpster to get what you need. That’s why we have developed a method for ordering the right size unit extremely easy and without second-guessing yourself.
Step 1
Order online or over the phone
Not comfortable with the online method? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through your options.
Step 2
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Step 3
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Step 4
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Call now at 773-295-0303 for a fast reliable same day dumpster rental

Dumpster rental is easy at City Suburban Service Inc.: simple process of choosing, delivering and picking up a roll off dumpster makes it hassle free. Our roll off dumpster sizes vary from 6 to 30 yards to suit all of your needs. We even provide same day dumpster rental. With a simple phone call our roll off dumpsters can be delivered and picked up in Chicagoland and suburbs, including: Aurora, Arlington Heights, Batavia, Berwyn, Bolingbrook, Blue Island, Bloomingdale, Brookfield, Burbank, Burr Ridge, Calumet City, Carol Stream , Chicago Heights, Cicero, Crest Hill, Darien, Des Plaines, Dolton, Downers Grove, Elk Grove Village, Elmhurst, Flossmoor, Frankfort, Frankfort Square, Gooding Grove, Harvey, Hickory Hills, Hinsdale, Hoffman Estates, Homewood, Joliet, La Grange, Lemont, Lincolnwood, Lisle, Lockport, Lombard, Lyons, Matteson, Maywood, Melrose Park, Midlothian, Mokena, Montgomery, Morton Grove, New Lenox, Naperville, North Aurora, Oak Brook, Oak Forest, Oak Lawn, Oak Park, Orland Park, Oswego, Palatine, Palos Heights, Park Forest, Park Ridge, Plainfield, Romeoville, Roselle, Saint Charles, Schaumburg, Stickney, Tinley Park, Warrenville, Westchester, West Chicago, Wheaton, Wheeling, Woodridge and other surrounding cities. Contact us for reliable, efficient and professional dumpster rental service.