Dumpster Rental for a Garage Clean Out
It’s amazing how much junk can pile up in a garage, especially ones that don’t house an automobile. Broken ladders, old garden hoses, old paint cans, unused tools, empty flower pots, motor oil, forgotten toys, old newspapers and magazines – the list goes on and on. There comes a time when a massive purge is needed. Is a dumpster rental for a garage clean out a good idea?
Considering that you probably have a limit to how much trash you can put at the curb, tasking your trash company with removing all your garage waste is not a plausible solution. Your best bet is to go with a residential dumpster rental. There isn’t much to it on your end, you just call the waste management company and order it, they drop off dumpster, you fill it up with your garage waste, and the junk removal company carries it off.
Residential dumpster rental sizes for a garage debris removal

So, what size dumpster should you rent? This is a very important question because you don’t want to go too small and have to pay to have it carried off two or three times, and you don’t want to go too big and risk losing money. Most dumpster rental companies have dumpster that will hold between six cubic yards and 30 cubic yards of waste. Those numbers don’t mean much to most people, so let’s break it down by roll off size.

The six cubic yard dumpster measures in at 12’x6’x2.5’ and can hold up to 4,000 pounds of debris. This is a perfect size dumpster for small clean outs. If you think your garage has about two pickup truck bed loads worth of junk, this one will work.

If you have around three pickup trucks worth of debris to clear out of your garage, consider moving up to the 10 cubic yard dumpster. This one measures 14’x6’x3.5’ and holds 5,000 pounds of debris. Most two car garage cleanout projects will be perfectly suited for this dumpster. If you have your two car garage packed to the gills with junk, move up to a 15 yard dumpster, which will hold 6,000 pounds of material.

It’s amazing how much junk can pile up in a garage, especially ones that don’t house an automobile... Is a dumpster rental for a garage clean out a good idea?

For a three car garage cleanout, the 20 cubic yard dumpster is a good fit, as it will handle 8,000 pounds worth of debris. It measures 18’x8’x4.5’ and can hold debris that fits into six pickup truck beds.

If you have a detached garage that you want to completely demolish and have hauled off, you’re going to need the 30 cubic yard dumpster, which will hold 11,000 pounds of debris.

Keep in mind that some of the junk you have in your garage is probably toxic and can’t be put into a dumpster. Chemicals, batteries, paint and solvents, and very heavy items do not belong in the roll off because whatever you put in it will end up in a landfill. For instance, batteries, even though they’re completely dead, have cadmium, mercury and lead inside of them, which leach out into landfills and become an environmental hazard.

At A City Suburban Service, Inc., we have professionals on hand to help you rent the right size dumpster. If you have questions about what garage items can or cannot go into the dumpster, just ask and we’ll help you with that as well. For more information, contact us today at (773) 295-0303 (Chicago) or (708) 689-9933 (suburbs).

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